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¡Maximize your returns by hiring Caijus Houses
as your Property and Rental Management company
for short and mid term stays!

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Marketing & Sales Expertise

  • Property listing and advertising. We manage all aspects to promote your Houses or Apartments as a commercial accommodation business, increasing your current revenue.

  • Professional and High-quality photography. We help you to share your gorgeous space! We sent professional photographers to your place to guarantee beautiful photos of your business. 

  • Advisory on best practice for interior design & architecture. Extra service private sessions.

  • Price Optimization. We deliver competitive Price Monitoring and control the dynamic pricing of your rent. Helping you to increase the exposure and the occupancy rate of your placement.


Owners Support & Collection Management

  • Dedicated account manager to manage each property efficiently.

  • Direct transfer after each reservation. Worldwide direct transfers to your bank account or your preferred online collection methods.

  • Payments and relations with suppliers. Periodically send to residential building administration. We managed insurance claims and all extra services requests.

  • Data analytics insights and financial forecast. Transparent and Periodical rental history information of each property

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Booking Management

  • Check-in pre-approval and id verification. Let's ensure that every guest feels welcome and comfortable.

  • Check-out control and cleaning management.

  • Communication with guests is our distinction. Make yours a professional, dedicated 24/7, well-trained guest care team & local team.

  • Inventory control of supplies. Ensure that each stay is always clean & maintain proper inventory control. We use smart home solutions to improve booking quality.

PROPERTY ENROLLMENT NOTE: According to the property type and the agreement term, we can request an onboarding fee. The onboarding fee for each property enrolled is not charged upfront, but rather this fee is deducted from your first month’s rental income. Contact us for more information.

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Why hiring a Rental Management Company specialized in short term stays?

If you are considering entering into the short-term rental property business, it is highly advisable to engage the services of a Property and Rental Management company to optimize your returns.


Discover here the comprehensive list outlining the extensive range of services that Caijus Houses undertake as your trusted property management partner once you join us as a property owner client.

Who is responsible for listings and advertising management?

We do property listing and advertising. Optimal exposure means more quality applicants to choose from. These are one of the most important duties and key details that requires continuous control to increase the exposure and the occupancy rate of your placement, including: Personalized SEO listing description and Copywriting, professional photos, updated list of amenities, cancellation policies criteria selection, calendar setup, design and deliver house rules manuals. We are experts on these essential criteria and responsible for promoting your properties advertisement on the internet.

Is recommended the tenant screening?

We implement Tenant Screening with different tools. The request to book tool allows tenants to be screened for final decision approvals before each reservation, this process includes verifying previous travelers’ reviews, number of guests confirmation and purpose of their visits either business or tourist stays. Implementing tenant screening enhances the performance of quality standards.

What nightly rates and fees are defined for my listing?

It is very important to define the pricing structure of your property. We do the price rent Management including: Market research, dynamic pricing follow-up, promotions, and last-minute discounts settings, those variables require experts to craft a comprehensive pricing strategy that takes into account different factors such as property location, competitor pricing, market occupancy rates, seasonality, global travel trends, special events, and others.

Who is in charge of the rental collection, how it works?

Rental Collection Management is on us. A direct transfer after each reservation is sent to your Bank Account or your online Payout method. Our business model gives you the precise cash flow according to the property rent demand for short or mid-term stays.

What is the support provided to the Guests during stays?

Proper Communications Management is vital. Communication is important to understand guest’s needs to provide an optimal service promise. A 24/7 support channel is active in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese to interact with guests answering promptly questions or necessities, preventing misunderstandings and inconveniences before, during or after stays.

How is my property, furniture and appliances protected from unexpected damage?

Preventive safety starts with visiting control. We implement the Check-in and the Guest ID verification procedure that allows us to maintain high standards of security and quality and comply with the requirements requested by migration authorities to report foreigners, if local regulations apply. If some unexpected issue arises during a reservation, we are responsible for the Insurance & Security Deposits Management. We request claims from the insurance company if any damage or liability occurs. All of our bookings in Airbnb are covered with two main protections: damage protection and host liability, each one with $1 million limit in us dollars. Consult us about your prefered platform for insurance coverage.

Why is Reservation Management important?

Reservation Management is our main role as a Rental Management Company, in addition of accept or decline each trip request, we deal on each reservation with refunds, payments and payouts status verification, reimbursements, cancellations made by guests or cancellations caused by extenuating circumstances due to any unexpected property issue, alterations of dates, guests or prices during stays and money requests if any additional extra service must be charged to the guests.

What automated processes ensure the safety of property access?

Today is possible to have automated Check-outs, Smart-Keys and Cleaning Management. Either manual or self-check-in options for travelers, we control property access and a proper filling of the online inventory report after each reservation is planned with our local cleaning suppliers and supervisors. We automatically verify check-in and check-out times to guarantee proper availability between bookings and we collaborate with the best smart lock tech local companies installing convenient secured and lock systems. Properties using this technology offer each visitor a unique code, turning their phones into a portable key.

What reports and support can property owners expect from a Rental Management company?

We periodically send Analytics and a Revenue Management Report providing the rental history information of each property. We implement Data Analysis tools for better understanding of your business performance. Additionally, we help our clients, offering financial advisory setting the budget of your business. We will help you to structure the right financial forecast for your assets. In case you need it, as an extra service, we offer private sessions to help you with budgeting, investing, debt, insurance, and taxation, helping you during our agreement with a detailed analysis of income and expenses.

How is the calendar management done?

Our common goal is maximizing income with this business model. We are responsible for optimizing the calendar of each property by establishing peak seasons, base price, price per guest, and weekly or monthly discounts, among other factors. In our terms agreement we offer you a flexible option to separate up to 15 days per year, exempt of our commission, to make private reservations for you, your friends, or relatives, you only have to send us by email which dates are important, the name of authorized guests, and if no bookings are previously accepted, we can block for you the dates on each property’s calendar.

Do you know that leasing your property for short and mid-term stays generates income 50% to 70% higher than traditional rentals?


¡Estimate your future revenue with your properties!

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Are you considering to rent your property
for tourist and business travelers in platforms like Airbnb, Booking, Expedia or Google ?

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Estimate your revenue here and start earning.

Getting started is simple, we get you set up quickly.

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